a place to be

Batticaloa, eastern Sri Lanka

Now, “S.T.E.P.S. of forgiveness e.V.”  has taken efforts to concretise the idea of peace and lasting stability by means of education and encounter. Therefore a plot of land has been bought, where the organisations can create a home, the “LANKA LEARNING CENTER”.
Batticaloa, a city in eastern Sri Lanka has been chosen as the place of initiative.

The coastal region was severely hit by the tsunami in 2004. The reconstruction of houses and infrastructure is still in progress.
Another fact is that the region was until the end of the fighting in 2007 under the control of the Tamil Tigers, and is still being cleared from landmines. So the Civil War still has presence in people’s lives.
By purchasing the site near Batticaloa, the associations “S.T.E.P.S. of forgiveness e.V.” and the “People Helping People Foundation” set the basis for the “LANKA LEARNING CENTER”. Here is a place of peace, mediation through education and encounter, where people of all ages, ethnicities and religions can come together peacefully. The place in Batticaloa should be established as a symbol, which could give space for many uses, such as celebrations, school education, advanced training of teachers, numerous training and language courses, workshops of handcraft professions and a rehabilitation center for psychological counselling of traumatized people.

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