Thank you for coming

Now the exibition is over and we are really sorry that it lasted  only up to last friday. Our Finissage was a big success!

francis_allmannAt the beginning Prof. Allmann commented what a big attention this  project caused at its start. Many students wanted to be part of the team although it wasn`t clear what kind of task or design project it would be. “Usually…”, Mr. Allmann said, ” students don`t like projects with too few facts in the beginning.”

It was kind of an adventure and he is thankful for such great interest.

Nowaydays form and function  is not the only thing which architecture is based on. Themes and focuses are shifting and besides shape, the social responsibility of an architect becomes more and more a bigger matter of design, he said. For him, the exhibition proves, how intense a  project at university can become if the students are really affected by their task.

When Francis appeared in front of the visitors he was so glad about getting so much attention for this project that he couldn`t say anything first.

Then he started talking about his vision for Sri Lanka:

“S.T.E.P.S. means Singhalese, Tamil, Education, Peace, Sri Lanka”, he explained. After his speech and a short presentation of the university project everyone was free to fetch some Curry from the buffet.


Thanks to the community of Perouse who cooked this delicious meal for everyone. According to the motto of the Finissage “Care and Curry” it was possible to collect some money to promote the building project “Lanka Learning Center”.

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