We are part of the Design Build Xchange platform

Welcome to the european designbuildXchange platform

The DesignBuild projects features and connects professional education with practice, scientific research and social engagement. This open access platform provides tools for communication, collaboration and the exchange of knowledge offered by its members.

We participate with the Lanka Learning Center as one of several interesting projects.
The network stimulates scientific, sustainable, practice related and interdisciplinary knowledge transfer, fosters multinational cooperation and promotes research related to DesignBuild activities. It engages in discussions about the restrictions, challenges, difficulties and pitfalls of DesignBuild initiatives.

The network aims to become a lively and growing association, representing DesignBuild initiatives at Institutes of Higher Education and providing a corporate identity towards national and international institutions. It also forms a strong collaboration partner for the North-American based Design Build Exchange Network (dbX) and we are happy to be part of it.


Visit  the platform: DesignBuild Xchange


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